Sponsorship Behind the Walls

The Sponsorship Behind The Walls (SBTW) Project was proposed in 2015 and approved in the fall of 2016. It's purpose is to carry the message of recovery to the addict who still suffers behind the walls. This will allow them to experience the miracle of recovery and a new way to live through the 12 steps of NA, despite their limited access to Narcotics Anonymous and sponsorship while incarcerated. This will also allow us to efficiently utilize limited human resources within the member regions and provide a wider range of service opportunities to the PSZF regions.

  • We are currently working on our guidelines and processes.
  • We hope to start sponsoring addicts toward the end of 2017 in prisons within our zone and have started with Sponsor Orientation Workshops.
  • We still have some workgroup positions available and a form for your service resume.
  • We have completed our Sponsor Orientation Packet. This will be used for Sponsor Orientations Workshops.
  • We have also completd our Sponsor Questionnaire and Agreement.
  • If you have completed a Sponsor Orientation Workshop you may fill out the Sponsor Questionnaire on-line.
  • The workgroup meets virtually via Zoom Video Conference. An internet connection is desired, but is not required. You can call in from your home or cell phone. This is open to members within the regions in our Zone (Best Little, Iowa, Mid-America, Nebraska, OK, & South Dakota). It is very simple to get connected, really. We’ll help. You can email sbtw@pszfna.org for more information, to volunteer, and/or to join us for our next workgroup meeting (see the calendar for upcoming meeting dates)

You can find all of our documents under the documents menu tab